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About Brian
Brian has been an avid researcher and developer of integrative medicine for the past 45 years and from this created Quantum Embodiment(r). This is how he integrates the five levels of consciousness and existence to help individuals make powerful shifts to improve their mental,emotional and spiritual abilities and awareness while while greatly improving their physical wellness and enhancing the interpersonal relationships in their life. 

Sheen was born in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, New York to Marilyn and Mickey Sheen. His father was a notable jazz drummer that played with such musicians such as Chubby Jackson, Coleman Hawkins and Dizzy Gillespie. Sheen has three children, Springsong, Ariel and Jaz. Brian began exploring altered states of consciousness as a hippie in the 1960's and had many powerful experiences that opened his Inner Eye to experience out of body and past life experiences.

After exploring the teachings of Buddhism, meditation,yoga and other eastern philosophies, Sheen began studying Metaphysics at age 17 and began training in New York. After beginning at Brooklyn College in New York he then traveled to London to attend Hubbard College  in East Grinstead, Sussex . From here he went on to study advanced metaphysical techniques in specialized programs in Portugal and Spain. After completing his studies, he moved to Boston and worked as a management consultant, life coach and alternative therapist at the Executive Education Center. In 1975 he moved to West Palm Beach, Florida to co-manage a group of struggling enterprises involved in International Communications while establishing a new counseling group to share the research and techniques he had been trained in.

In 1978 he began studying the new field of financial planning and joined the second graduating class of the College of Financial Planning to earn his CFP designation. He became one of the first independent CFP’s and then formed the Sheen Investment Management Group. During his time as President of the firm, he wrote "Your Money or Your Life”, which later was further developed in his GP Putnam Son’s best selling book Nest Egg Investing. During these years his financial advice he appeared on Good Morning America, CNN, USA Today and on hundreds of other radio, TV and media outlets throughout the United States. He also established his own radio show called the Sheen Investment Hour. This show began airing locally in South Florida before his show was placed on stations nationwide. During this time period he was also involved with the Jaycees, and was elected to be the president of the West Palm Beach, North Palm beach and later Boca Raton chapters before accepting the position of Personal Development Chairman for the Florida Jaycees state organization. In 1984 after receiving numerous awards for his charitable work and personal development he received the Seiji Horiuchi Award from the United States Jaycees for the success with his personal development programs.


Sheen has devoted most of his life to studying with spiritual practitioners around the world, traveling to India, Egypt, England, and South America and researched while training with people such as Alexander Lowen, Brian Weiss, Richard Wayne Bandler, Credo Mutwa, Stanislav Grof, Swami Shyam, Kenneth Wapnick, Bert Hellinger and Dr Robert Glazier and earned a Ph.D. in Clinical Hypnotherapy from American Pacific University, specializing in Psychoneuroimmunology.” He shares how fortunate he has been to stand on the shoulders of so many who came before him to allow him to make the progress he has because of the work his predecessors had done.

Upon his return to Florida in 1997 Sheen purchased what was to become the Quantum Healing Center in Delray Beach. He successfully ran this center until June 2014 when he turn all his efforts to sharing his work through his online interactive training program and APP called the Seven Keys for Attention Development and Accessing Your Inner Pharmacy for Expedited Healing (To be released the edn of 2016)

He founded the Florida Institute of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (FICAM) in 2009 which became the first state licensed school to provide specialized training in mind/body medicine to address the spiritual,mental,emotional,physical levels and interrelationship aspects of individualsSheen stated that "…he encountered many clients concerned with their children’s behavior in school and home who asked him to formulate classes to be taught similar skills as the ones they learned in a way suited to their specific needs. Brian responded to these children, often identified as having ADD/ADHD, by formulating the Clearminded Children Program in 2003. The success of the program was lauded on CBS,ABC,NBC and PBS. He later became actively involved with the Palm Beach County Wellness Task Force, where he advocated for a change in school curriculum to address the needs of children.This became the basis of what became the Seven Keys For Attention DevelopmentFor the past five years he has also been an active Board Member on the CDC’s and Palm Beach County Health Department the ACHIEVE initiative to bring health innovation to the community

This program was later renamed The Attention Dynamics Program as while its initial focus was for children, the skills taught are applicable to parents and adults.This has currently evolved to become The Seven Keys For Attention development. This has now been turned into an APP for smart phones and an online training program to help individuals be medication free from ADD/ADHD and anxiety medications while helping others overcome stress and distraction in their life.

Sheen founded The Florida Institute for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. This became the first state licensed continuing education program for Complementary and Alternative Medicine Practitioners in the state.

He has presented his research at many conferences worldwide including:

ICSPP (International Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology) , at Washington Convention –On Alternatives to ADD/ADHD medicationJaveriana University (Colombia) Alternatives To ADD/ADHD medications and The Clear Minded Children’s Program

Conference at Colegio Tilata Bogota Colombia 3 Day information and training conference to 100 school principals and educators

Conference of American Association of Integrative Medicine (AAIM) on Educate Don’t Medicate: Alternative Therapy Without Medication for ADD/ADHD Symptom

Corporate Stress Management and Developing Emotional Intelligence training programs for Promise Hospital in Baton Rouge, San Diego and Boca Raton headquarters
Palm Beach County Schools Wellness Task Force Non-medication Alternatives to Alleviate ADD/ADHD SymptomsPalm Beach County Health Department Keynote speaker for Health Innovation Initiative

He has given over 1000 seminars on self-improvement, spiritual philosophy and therapy, healing the mind, corporate education, motivation, the power of your mind, meditation, leadership training and development over the past 33 years.

Client Successes

When I met Brian I'd been depressed for 30 years despite taking
antidepressants. My medications made me feel numb and disassociated. Brian
worked intensively with me for three months and with his help and I weaned
myself off all medications and felt like Me again! He really challenged me using
the processes of Quantum Embodiment such as Bioenergetics, Quantum
Forgiveness and Quantum Hypnotherapy. I now have my life back again! I'm so

My relationship was falling apart when my wife and I decided to come to see Dr.
Sheen. We just had our first baby and my wife was depressed and I was stressed
out. Brian worked with us individually and together. Within a couple of months not
only do we restore our relationship but we took it to another level we hadn’t
reached before. I'm so grateful to have made such deep inner shifts and learned
all the tools he taught us.

I´ve been so stressed out since I went through a divorce three years ago I haven't
had a chance to catch my breath. Until now. Brian worked with me transform my
anger and fear and turn it into gratitude and peace. My children, who had been
acting up ever since the topic of divorce was mentioned in our household, finally
found peace again. And best of all my friendship with my ex-husband is better
than it ever has been. I'm so grateful.

I can't believe I had been living in fear for so many years using alcohol, drugs
and medications to numb myself from it all. It had been so long since I felt a
sense of joy inside. When I met with Brian I didn't think it was possible to feel
good again. I felt I had blown it and lost my chance for happiness. But within four
weeks I noticed a major shift inside. I was starting to see things in a new light. I
felt like I was awakening from a nightmare and I came face-to-face with my true

Brian was always so very patient but also uncompromising, challenging any
wrong minded ideas and beliefs to help me to remove the underlying roots that
had me so entangled. What a blessing meeting Brian has been!

I had given up that I would ever get the love I felt I deserved. I was stuck in a
pattern of mental emotional and physical abuse. I constantly made poor
decisions in relationships and always ended up betrayed up with my heart
broken. Yet finally I understood the underlying reason why. Working with Dr.
Sheen was like peeling back the layers of an artichoke having a little taste at a
time to feel good again until finally getting into the center to the heart of my issue.
I felt a complete shift and became aware how all my thinking was all upside down
and I was trapped on the same treadmill both my mother and grandmother was!!
I also noticed most of my friends were trapped too.
I Now knew what to do and how to do it. Brian patiently helped me remove the
interference to love’s presence and taught me many new strategies that really
worked to keep me emotionally balanced with a sense of empowerment at all
times! Thank you Dr. Sheen!

My energy had been low for so long I forgot what it felt to be motivated or
excited. Realizing I had nothing to lose I decided to follow me friends suggestion
to meet with Dr. Sheen and utilize his Science of Quantum Embodiment. I
watched a few of his videos and it sounded very interesting. But would it work for

The answer was a resounding yes! As I look back over the last six months I see
how I became trapped in darkness since my parents divorce 35 years ago! I lost
all trust of life and especially of men! . Dr. Sheen gave me the ingredients
necessary to rediscover my truth, reconnect to my body and feel grounded to
sprout like a flower into the sky. I discovered new blossoms I didn't know were
there. Petals of many colors and different scents emerged as a new life for
unfolded. And they keep unfolding each day! I feel so blessed for having taken
that leap of faith and doing something different!

Here is my reflection after completing the induction...

Dozing in and out of conscious awareness
Giving in to the desire of my body, and mind
To settle down, to let go
Of the thoughts, worries, judgements, attachments, questions, concerns, cares, doubts....
The accumulation of information clouding the Space that I Am
Letting let in....a deeper, broader perspective of my this time, in this place, on this
planet, in this lifetime...
The blinders loosen as I remember to notice once again who I Am
The Space. NOT the drama. NOT my shadow driven urges to keep the fear alive
In this moment I acknowledge, accept with a gentle loving heart and release all that is and was not
serving me to bring me one step closer on my neverending journey to experience the most True Peace,
Joy, Freedom this lifetime. 
I give in now to my body and mind's desire to rest soundly, refresh, recharge to awaken for a new day,
filled with countless opportunities to stay present, aware and grateful for all the Love and support of the
Universe that surrounds me, always. I am open to receive it. I have the clarity and the courage to know
and protect my boundaries, without fear or doubt. And so it is

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