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Access Your Inner Pharmacy

"Due to the hurricane Nate and it's impact upon Costa Rica we are rescheduling to June 16th, 2018"

Do you feel

Tired, Distracted, Anxious,

Depressed or Out-of-Balance?

Have you been told you need to take medications to

restore your
healthor control symptoms such as high

blood pressure or emotional disorders?

Costa Rica Retreat Week - Immersion to Create a Healthier Life

Join us for a week-long retreat in Costa Rica where we will work with you to determine if you have choices beyond medications and the accompanying side-effects they produce.

Learn Scientifically Proven Methods to Access your Inner Pharmacyand Find Relief from ADHD, Depression, and Anxiety while helping you lessen (or eliminate) taking blood pressure, sleep and psychotropic medications.

Join us In Beautiful Costa Rica and take the opportunity to have a  break from the stresses of daily life while you learn actionable tools to better cope with the intense pace of modern living. Return home after your time with us with tools that will improve many aspects of your health in measurable ways.

Dr. Brian Sheen presents in an easy to understand format to teach you that there is a way to shake your dependency on pharmaceutical drugs and improve your life with his research into today’s cutting edge science and simple step-by-step processes. Come learn to access the feel good and healing bio-substances you already have inside to live a focused and happy life without prescribed medications.

This program spans one week and allows you to experience the sights and experiences of Costa Rica, while being in community with other like-minded people looking for a better way than masking life with pharmaceuticals -and who actually want to take the first step to BE healthy! This is a great program for couples or individuals alike.

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Approaches Discussed:

  1. Meditation and mindfulness
  2. Body work
  3. Bioenergetics
  4. Regression
  5. Holotropic breath work
  6. Yoga
  7. Nutrition
  8. ...and more!

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