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Amazing experiences in Lima-Peru

OMG…where has time flown! 10 weeks in Lima soared by! What an incredible trip! The people and places in Lima has been spectacular! All the visions I had of beginning my world tour have been greatly exceeded. At Hana Center the staff, the students, the space, the surrounding area of Miraflores has been amazing. Everyone has been so friendly and the clients and students I worked with extraordinary! So many spontaneous remissions of anxieties, anger, physical pain, emotional heartbreak, sexual, emotional and physical abuse:its been incredible.I love returning the peace, happiness and empowerment to so many. I did 165 sessions here, many with a translator with me. And I am happy to say I saw HUNDREDS of huge shifts in their life! Plus giving a class to 7 and 8 year olds at the top South American private school,Roosevelt, was amazing.

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