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Learn how you can Train Your Brain to help you maintain mental and emotional wellness and empowerment. This course isn't about just finding a sense of peace but leading you to follow your heart and understand what that means.

What you'll learn

  • These help you STEER your life to the destiny you desire using the science of emotional intelligence and wellness to focus and succeed.

Who this course is for:

  • The course processes can work for anyone and can be applied to a range of situations and is a brilliant source for lowering stress and heightening your joy of living.
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The Foundation For Developing Miracle Mindedness Through a Course in Miracles for Wellness, Peace and Happiness - part 1

In this part one of a three-part series, you will learn the foundation elements of the powerful spiritual psychotherapy and mind training program of A Course in Miracles.

What you'll learn

  • provide a new perspective for healing yourself or helping others in their healing process.

Who this course is for:

  • For science minded students who are spiritually based and appreciate the parallels between quantum physics, modern science and spirituality, particularly A Course in Miracles.
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Stress poisons the joy of life. Stress turns living into a struggle and is the number one reason people are which predisposed people to illness, depression, ADHD and unsatisfying relationships

Who this course is for:

  • For many stress has become a chronic part of life that they believe cannot be overcome. Yet when properly understood and addressed using the modern science of the mind you can instead learn to use your stress to develop emotional wellness and empowerment as it becomes a catalyst for growth, personal development and greater happiness in all aspects of life.
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Reversing The Stress When Life Becomes Overwhelming

A complete guide to undoing the causes of why stress occurs, how to reverse it and how to stop the cycle of self-harm

What you'll learn

  • Take great satisfaction towards your life and manage your emotions better
  • Be able to detach from thinking and absorb uplifting energy
  • Embracing your freedom and playfulness
  • Exercise and achieve patience and perseverance
  • Unveil the Divine seed of Purpose in your heart and find your path
  • Reverse and undo stress and its effects
  • Reflect of your past and future life
  • Take the Path to Your Inner Treasures
  • Use The Star Creation Meditation easily

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to manage their life, improve their stress management levels and become happier
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Training Your Brain For Emotional Wellness and Empowerment

Learning How To Unlock Your Inner Pharmacy To Improve Your Experience Of Life

What you'll learn

  • Learn new tools and strategies for their brain to lower their stress levels, become more self aware and able to begin to shift their emotional state to feel more at peace, focused and confident
  • Students learn how to better handle any situation which arises in their life as they are more in control of their mental and emotional state, thereby allowing them to make more resourceful decisions and productive actions

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to train their brain to lower their stress levels become more confident, focused and empowered while learning how to control how they feel through their inner pharmacy without the use of unnecessary medications.
  • This course has been successful in helping adults and children. Children as young as teen have been successful when being guided by a parent, older sibling or friend also doing the program
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Overcoming ADD and ADHD to Restore Focus and Self Control ADD/ADHD What you'll learn

  • Able to lower their stress levels and feel more at relaxed and at peace to think clearer and make better decisions

Who this course is for:

  • Individuals wanting to reduce their stress levels or interested parties or professionals helping others improve the quality of their life by helping reduce stress levels
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Learn The Science Of Quantum Embodiment

The Integration of Neuroscience, Alternative Therapy and Ancient Wisdom

What you'll learn

  • Students will obtain a new clarity and special insights of what to do and how to heal any issue at each level of their physical, emotional,mental,spiritual being while improving their personal,business and family relationships.
  • Students will know why past of existing recovery or healing work didn't accomplish their hoped for goals and learn what to now to to improve results across the boards

Who this course is for:

  • Individuals who are involved in seeking the knowledge and effective strategies for personal growth, self improvement and healing for themselve,their clients or their family or friends.
  • Any of the mental health and wellness professions such as psychologists, mental health workers, yoga teachers, energy healers, medical doctors and psychiatrists
  • Individuals on a spiritual path who are interested in the science behind the tools and techniques of yoga, regressions, constellations and shamanic processes.
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Join The 7 Keys Guaranteed Program! Work directly with Dr Brian Sheen. He will personally guide you to make powerful improvements in your life to be focused, relaxed and happy.You will learn hundreds of proven tools and strategies that has helped thousand overcome their stress, agitation and broken relationships to feel good again. Results are guaranteed!


Read Dr. Sheen’s life changing book and discover how the Key Prescription tools and strategies help train your brain for emotional wellness and empowerment. Learn both the underlying science and specific step by step actions to achieve what thousands of people worldwide have. Use the Key Prescriptions to avoid and/or reduce psychotropic medications while restoring your mind’s focus, emotional stability and returning harmony to your relationships. Also available in Spanish.


Listen to Dr.Sheen empowering audio series This series of recordings has transformed the lives of many people worldwide as they learn and experience directly deep inner shifts to experience the miracles of love, peace and happiness in themselves and in their relationships. These recordings act as a both a foundation for new students and an enlightening new perspective for existing students.


7 Keys For Attention Development App
By F.R.E.E.S. Inc Non Profit

The Seven Keys For Attention Development App is your personal life-coach in your hand. It will help guide you to immediately improve your ability to be calm, present, empowered and focused. There are 21 different tools and strategies which can be activated that instantly guides the user to help them de-stress, de-escalate and relax or become more focused, empowered and able to communicate and relate more effectively. Each video tool is specially designed to help you access your inner pharmacy to enter a prescription to release the needed neurotransmitters you need to be calm,focused and feeling good again.Whether lost in a poor emotional or mental state or just want to enhance your exiting state, the Seven Keys provided powerful personal training to return order to any attention disorder or deficiency.

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