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The 7 Steps to Deal with Your Anger Before It Ruins Your Life

The 7 Steps to Deal with Your Anger Before It Ruins Your Life

The effects of anger upon the body, mind, career and relationships are disastrous. Angers epigenetic signals predispose a body to depression, anxiety, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Anger can make sleeping a challenge and intimacy impossible while being a wrecking ball to one’s career and personal relationships. Yet current anger issues almost always have a hidden foundation of repressed rage and anger from childhood.

In this experiential based webinar you will learn:

1- How to use self-awareness to face, embrace, trace, and replace the underlying causes of your anger

2- How to use a powerful scientifically based epigenetic technique that uses emotional alchemy to turn the lead of anger into the gold of empowerment

3- Learning to integrate the 7 Key Prescriptions for Emotional Intelligence and Wellness to build a new platform of inner peace.

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