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Defining Success: Your definition leads you to Health or Illness

Defining Success: Your definition leads you to Health or Illness

Success is one of the five core mental constructs that directs how you experience your life. Your definition of success determines whether or not you will struggle in your life or develop inner peace and harmony. This class is part of a special series of classes that will occur each month to look at the foundations of who you've created yourself to be and how you will experience the present and build your future .

Everyone is Captain of their sense of being and wellness. The definitions we give to the five pillars of our consciousness can act like a cage to enslave us or a treasure to enrich our life.

If you are intending to attend this class. please be aware that it started as you read these words and considered your definition of success. I would suggest you begin to engage yourself in this transformational experience to write down or dictate an audio message of how you define success. Please be thorough and complete without censorship. Then if you're willing, you can share this in the class with me as we begin to uncover how to turn your definitions to enhance your freedom wellness and quality of life. 

Friday 12th of November

01:00 PM (EST)

12:00 Noon(Perú)


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