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Happiness – Special Edition Live Conference

Happiness – Special Edition Live Conference

We will celebrate our ``InterNations' 14th Birthday `` with the ``Special Edition Conference`` and for this special event , we will have not 6 but 8 very valuable guests to welcome.

The Global Business Group has been welcoming many valuable international public speakers, coaches, consultants, therapists, doctors and professors, writers & published authors, wellness experts, psychologists, art therapists, engineers, project management administrators and/or business authorities. With this new concept, we will have the opportunity to have multiple cross disciplinary opinions to enrich our sessions and help us see many sides to each topic.

For this session, our very valuable guests will be:

Brian Sheen : www.BrianSheenPublications.com
Gordon Trendgold : https://www.linkedin.com/in/gordontredgold ,
Hayet Shahrezaey : https://www.instagram.com/rapidempowerment ,
Héctor A. Venegas : http://www.engagingmeetings.com/ ,
Ian Gibbs : http://linkedin.com/in/thelearnabilityman , www.iangibbs.me
Katrina Pavlova : www.linkedin.com/in/katrina-pavlova/ , kapacoaching.podia.com
Dr.Med.Shirin Mansouri : https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-med-shirin-mansouri-b0b2ab81/www.drshirinmansouri.com
Wessam : www.linkedin.com/in/pharmaceuticals-consultant-and-business-strategist-uae-and-gcc-67040462/ , Instagram: Wessam Vibes

Thursday 16th of September

12:00 Noon(EST)

11:00 Am (Perú)


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This is a special InterNations event which is a worldwide networking group.


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