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A Science of Quantum Embodiment Zoom Class (August 1st)

A Science of Quantum Embodiment Zoom Class (August 1st)

The Institute of Quantum Embodiment (SIQuE) is pleased to present A Science of Quantum Embodiment Class online:
"Overcoming Anxiety and Stress by Embracing the Wisdom of Uncertainty and Not-Knowingness"
It's funny how the ego mind demands certainty and understanding to feel safe and create a temporary state of happiness. Sadly, these are tricks to place joy and peace outside yocu that creates attachment and clinging to other people and things. I realize these words may cause many resistance and be rejected as untruth. This is why I am doing this class from Istanbul to share another way based on the wisdom of uncertainty, which according to the sacred texts is essential for reaching enlightenment and in today's world is essential to overcome the anxiety the lesson COVID has brought us.






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