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Accessing Your Peaceful Living Inner Pharmacy Prescriptions CD Series

Peaceful Living's eight CD's was designed as a stress management program to address the key issues people have with lowering their stress levels so they can be more present and comfortable in whatever they are doing in their lives. Through nine CD's a wide variety of guided journey's and Ericksonian styled hypnotic inductions, listeners conscious and unconscious minds learn to sleep better, work more effectively, drive more relaxed and feel more at peace within as the experience sending themselves calming and healing inner pharmacy prescriptions.

These CDs include  Introduction To How Your Different Minds Function, An Inner Pharmacy Sleeping Prescription Using a Guided Hypnotic Journey, Your Inner Pharmacy Prescription For Enhancing Enjoyment and Lowering Stress and Anxiety While Driving,  An Inner Pharmacy Peaceful Living Prescription Using a Guided Hypnotic Journey,      Deep Relaxation Techniques for Tuning Into Your Body To Release Serotonin, Dopamine and Oxytocin, Two Cd's of Psycho-neuroimmunology Based Guided Journey's To Experience Deep Calm and Return Balance to Your Endocrine System
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