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Finding Stillness To Activate The Parasympathetic Nervous System To Improve Mental,Emotional and Physical Wellness

Fear, worry, confusion, anger, sadness, shame and regret are all frequent responses to illness, disease and health challenges. Unfortunately each emotion interferes with the healing process as the immune system becomes compromised as ischemia and inflammation occur from these reactions sending unhealthy inner pharmacy prescriptions to the body. This slows recovery time from illness,predisposes one to potential illness and causes disempowered emotional states 

In this recording you will be guided to shift deep within to restore the parasympathetic functioning to accelerate your healing process while helping you to feel calmer and more focused in your life.

Track 1- Stillness and The Super Ego  Track 2- Symbolizing Stillness and Busyness  Track 3- Values and Practice  Track 4- A Inner Journey To Find Inner Stillness To Accelerate Healing.  Track 5- Integration and Symbolization  

Total Running Time-61:25

Price $ 8.88
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