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Finding The Meaning of Your Illness To Accelerate Your Healing- Part 1

Illness is an attempt of your unconscious mind/body to get the attention of the intellect and let it know something is wrong, out of balance and being ignored, denied or repressed. Illness delivers a message that most don't understand or heed and so they struggle at only a physical level to deal with it instead of the level of the mind which made the decisions and took the actions that led to the problems being experienced. By going deep within and really learning the reason why your body or mind is breaking down, healing can be greatly accelerated as the underlying causes are corrected and your inner pharmacy receives healing prescriptions to the strengthen the immune, respiratory, nervous and cardiovascular systems.  This is part 1 in a two part specific protocol that has shown excellent results working with all types of illnesses and diseases. For best results listen to part two next.

 These special protocols are  Track 1- Embracing Your Illness    Track 2- Understanding the Real Seeds that Cause Illness   Track 3- How Unfulfilled  Needs Can Lead To Illness Track 4- Discovering The Hidden Meaning Of Your Illness Induction Part 1   Total Running Time- 69:53

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