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Finding The Meaning of Your Illness To Accelerate Recovery- Part 2

Most illness and disease begins in the mind as stress, loss and trauma which causes interruptions and weakness in the immune, respiratory, nervous and cardiovascular systems. Even sickness that is strictly environmentally originated, the ongoing state of mind and emotions can exasperate the illness, prevent recovery and cause additional pain and weakness.   Fortunately great research and evidence has shown that it is possible to alleviate symptoms, enhance recovery and  better manage any illness when there is understanding of how the illness emerged and continues its negative influence at mental and emotional levels . Too often illness is often seen as a payback from unresolved guilt that deserves punishment from personal, family and community involvements. Yet it is the is awareness and hidden belief systems that can be uncovered that can help undo these negative effects to expedite the healing process and help one activate healing prescriptions from one's inner pharmacy to speed recovery and prevent futures recurrences. Be prepared for a deep inner journey that can greatly change your life!

Track 1-Sin and Punishment  Track 2- Retribution  Track 3- Condemnation  Track 4- Compassion  Track 5-Preparation for Induction  track 6 Discovering the meaning Of Your Illness Induction Part 2-  Track 7 Creating New Awareness and Contact Total Running Time 59:56

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By Gene
I listened to both Part 2 after part 1 and was pleasantly surprised. A chronic condition i had been dealing with for the past few years suddenly disappeared. Whatever part this recording played in all this I am not 100% sure, but it is too co-incidental to have just listened to these a few times and after getting insight on what the message of my condition was for me, that the condition vanished, well...I have to believe it played a major role in my recovery! I am very grateful and have suggested my friends have a listen too!