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Uncovering Your Core Wounds To Accelerate Healing,Prevent Illness and Extend Life Expectancy

Deep inside our subconscious and unconscious minds we have imprinted painful lessons that has caused warped thinking to avoid the painful memories, develop defensive coping strategies and create compensating  substitutions of our self image that caused the pain. With these defenses in place they are now rationalized by repressing this self sabotage ever occurred. This re-wires the brain into victim consciousness and sends ongoing inner pharmacy prescriptions that cause weakness, anger and depression. In each of these compensating instances chronic holding occurs that reduces the respiration and movement of energy within to weaken and predispose a person to illness or slow recovery from one. Many use their wounds as a means to control others, explain failures and justify blaming others for the condition they are in. It is denial and projection at its most deceptive.

In this recording these protocols will help you unwind these wrong minded imprints to restore inner strength and thereby optimal healing again as you re-wire your brain, re-educate your mind and begin to send healing and feel good inner pharmacy prescriptions to yourself again!  

Track 1- Self Creating vs Creation  Track 2 Strategies To Gain Control  Track 3- An Unsound Core Belief Foundation  Track 6 Reconstructing Your Self Image  Track 6- Inner Journey Preparation  Track 7- A Guided Inner Altered State Inner Journey to Uncover Your Defensive and Limiting Core Wounds and Their Belief Computations Track 8-  Empowerment Through Embodiment  

Total Running Time- 77:21 

Price $ 8.88
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