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Forgiveness and Reconciliation-Re-establishing Inner Peace and Homeostasis

Tension,worry, anger, resentment, fear, anxiety, rage, betrayal, hatred, disgust, shame and blame are just a few of the emotions evoked when grievances with others and/or yourself are held onto, no matter how repressed they are. Conscious or not they interfere with the parasympathetic nervous system functioning and slow recovery, predispose to illness and cause mental and emotional pain. In this recording you will be guided to  dig deeper within to reverse these negative processes that direct your inner pharmacy to send helpful prescriptions that help you become heal, feel good and enhance your longevity.

Track 1- Using The Forgiveness and Healing resource Journal Track 2- How to Return Homeostasis Using Shields and Healing Circles Track 3-  Experiencing a Deep Inner Journey of Forgiveness Hypnotic Induction  track 4- Re-Creating Your Future

Total Running Time- 67:34

Price $ 8.88
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