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Healing Through Communication To Enhance Each of the Three Brains and Return Feelings of Peace

When there are conflicts between how you think, act and feel about another, these inner conflicts cause each of your three brains to work against each other to cause stress, chronic muscular holding and a reduced functioning in your immune system. Worse is that a conflicted mind sends unhealthy prescriptions to your inner pharmacy that can cause feelings of stress, depression,anxiety and distractions. These leads to unsatisfying relationships and feeling of loneliness. However effective communication acts as a universal solvent that can reverse these unwanted conditions and send feel good inner pharmacy prescriptions that enhance your ability to have meaningful and satisfying relationships instead. In the these protocols you are guided  to undo the interference from poor communication experiences.  

Track 1- The Value of Communication    Track 2- Communication Cycles    Track 3- Commune-occasions    Track 4-  Reconnecting From Unwillingness    Track 5- A Inner Journey to Restore Broken Relationships From Communication Violations  Track 6- Developing A New Friendship Approach

CD Running Time - 73:57

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By Trish
I learned a lot and found this very helpful although a bit disturbing. I had to face how poorly I have communicated in the past and stop blaming others for my faults! Ir's a relief to know I can change!

Poor Communication
By Angela
Poor communication has been my achilles heal. I've ruined relationships, jobs and created many ongoing conflicts. Learning what I did from this was very helpful and listening to the inner journey four times now has made some unexpected improvements. I heard there are many communication exercises in his Accessing Inner Pharmacy book so I am going to get that and practice them as I really want to improve my life. No more excuses!

By Ernesto
I have been a professional disconnector! I cause so many conflicts with my ineffective communication style I am always enmeshed in one relationship problem after another. Brian suggested this recording to me after I started on the communication exercises in hos Accessing Your Inner Pharmacy book. It has been really helpful. I am now a Reconnector!