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Healing by Activating Your Inner Pharmacy Through The Respiratory System Using Holotropic Breathwork

Many issues remain repressed and unavailable for viewing as the unconscious mind/body has coded them as too painful, avoid  at all costs. The mind will angrily deny these experiences even exist. This is why this CD has been developed and protocol provided from Brian as it helps you go below the surface of the conscious and subconscious minds to loosen deeply repressed issues and bring them back to your awareness so they can be faced,embraced and replaced with love and compassion. This process helps activate your inner pharmacy to release chronic constrictions that keep the sympathetic nervous system stuck on hold and the immune system shut down.  Track 1-    Introduction To Extraordinary States of Consciousness Track 2- Holotropic Quantum Breathwork Session Track 3- Creative representation Track 4- Mandala Meditation  CD Running Time- 77:13

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