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Healing Your Inner Child To Ignite Youth and Resiliency in Your Brain and Inner Pharmacy

The influence of childhood upon your life lasts a lifetime. Too often individuals become stuck in the past trying to get as an adult what they missed as a child. This is unhealthy as it doesn't allow proper adaptation to present circumstances and keeps consciousness frozen in situation that no longer exist. By deep inner work childhood old conditioning that has kept your brain and inner pharmacy stuck in old patterns can be released to allow neurogenesis to re-wire your brain, create healthy new thinking in your mind and allow your new awareness and presence to send empowering new inner pharmacy prescriptions to your body to help you to feel good.

Track 1 Childhood Decisions 2-Forming Our Self Image 3-Important Moments 4-Abandonment By God 5-Generalizations 6 Significant Events List 7-Forms of Beliefs 8-Influential People 9-The Connections Made 10-Releasing Pent-up Energies 11-Accepting and Rejecting 12-Similarites and Differences 13 Accessing Inner Child Resources Induction

CD Running Time:79:24

Price $ 8.88
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