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Healing Your Sacred Wounds To Reverse Chronic Distress and Immune System Dysfunction

Old wounds create tension,worry, anger, resentment, fear, anxiety, rage, betrayal, hatred, disgust, shame and blame.  These emotions occur when grievances with others and/or yourself are held onto, no matter how repressed they are. Conscious or not they interfere with the parasympathetic nervous system functioning and slow recovery, predispose to illness and cause mental and emotional pain. Often they lead to limited relationships and beliefs as well as overcompensations to keep the pain buried and out of awareness. In this CD protocol brain addresses these to help you reverse these negative consequences. Track 1- The Damaging Events of Your  LifeTrack    2- How to Release and Heal the Past    Track 3- A Deep Inner Journey To Heal Your Sacred Wounds track 4i Insights and learnings To Grow By    Track 5- Expanding Vision To See The Mythological Contexts Track   6 Using Symbolization To Re-enforce Your Growth and healing   Track 7- Embodiment Of Your New State of Freedom and Strength CD Running Time- 61:27

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New Insights
By James
I feel I have transformed some major issues in my life that had always burdened me as I saw myself as a victim to others who had control over me. Now I see all these traumas as opportunities for my growth as a victor as I survived them all and developed special skills I never even considered. This has helped me immeasurably.

By Daniel
I bought this on a recommendation from a friend who is into this type of stuff, I was really dubious but figured I had little to lose as I had major issues that hadn't been resolved in years of therapy. This changed all that. I'm not even sure why but I felt a deep movement inside and a release that was indescribable. I feel like I've awakened from a long dream and can breath again. What an amazing surprise!