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Journey to the Higher Self For Healing and Personal Growth of Inner Pharmacy Prescriptions

These recording takes the listener on deep inner journeys to experience the connection to their Higher Self while removing the ego's interference along the way. Listeners have many profound experiences as they release old grievances and conflicts that have kept them trapped in past judgments and wrong minded thinking and open their mind to an inner illumination. Each track helps the listener to write themselves healthy inner pharmacy prescriptions to enhance healing, peace and joyfulness.

Tracks include 1-Love Empowerment 2-Feeling Love Recall  3-Creating Inner Light 4-Vault of The Higher Self  5-Accessing Inner Guidance7-Meditation 8-Forgiveness Affirmation 9-Forgiveness Meta Process  10- Unleashing the Inner Child  11-Healing The Wound  12- The Lookout Tower  13-Changing Perceptions 14- Meditation on Source  Total Running Time-62:25

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