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Opening Your Heart To Giving and Receiving Help and Healing

As being open to give and receive help is essential for healing Brian discusses why someone rejects help or is afraid to give it and then takes you on a deep inner hypnotic journey to remove the obstacles for both giving and receiving help.  

Track 1- Giving and Receiving Help Track 2- Messages and Beliefs About Help  track 3- Parental Influences Concerning Help  Track 4 Induction Preparation track 5 A Hypnotic Journey To Expand The Possibilities for Giving and receiving help  CD Running Time- 62:32

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Help Wanted
By Mandy
I've never been one who was good at accepting help. These techniques helped me take a good look at many forgotten memories that had scarred me as a child and caused me to reject help from others. After the second time listening I began to see how I was repeating to my children similar messages I had received and sending them an unintended message that there help isn't needed and they weren't good enough. That stops today!