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Overcoming Bad Feelings To Reopen Your Parasympathetic Nervous System

Holding on to bad feeling from your past causes your inner pharmacy to act as if they are still happening now. Your unconscious mind/body gets stuck in the old fight or flight patterns as if you were still "back then" instead of functioning freely in the present. By facing those stuck memories and replacing them with a new presence, a realignment of your body occurs at deep cellular levels as the molecules of emotion abide in feelings of safety instead of having old threats still haunting them. Concurrently new synaptic connections are developed in your brain that build new neuro-pathways to enhance mental and physical functioning.

Track 1- Authority and Control  Track 2- Fantasies  Track 3-Faking Illness  Track 4- A Deep Inner Journey/Induction To Overcome Bad Feelings Track 5- Reaching Out to Feeling Good Again  CD Running Time- 61:27

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By Diane
I had been frozen in a couple of past memories that have haunted me for years. These trauma were influencing my present life more than I imagined. They became by identification as to who I was. But no more! Dr Sheen has been teaching me to redefine who and what I am to embrace my God given truth not my ego given masks. I feel so lucky to have discovered these recordings and have been sharing it with all my friends!