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Overcoming Resistance To Forgiveness To Open Your Heart and Reset Your Immune System To Feel Happy and Heal

Tension,worry, anger, resentment, fear, anxiety, rage, betrayal, hatred, disgust, shame and blame can be very difficult to face, embrace and release. Ego identities can be built upon these foundations that form many defensive attitudes and fear of facing and embracing old grievances with others and/or yourself .This resistance can prevent one form looking deep within and makes projection and blame a more acceptable substitute.  Conscious or not these defenses interfere with the parasympathetic nervous system functioning and slow recovery, predispose to illness and cause mental and emotional pain.In this recording  you will learn protocols to help you to overcoming your resistance to forgiveness so you can reset your immune system and put in place a more present and powerful YOU!
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Track 1- Conducting a Grievance Inventory   Track 2- Uncovering Your Hidden Guilt    Track 3- A Comprehensive Assessment of Reasons Not To Forgive  Track 4- A Hypnotic Induction To Help Your Overcome Your resistance To Forgive Yourself or Another Track 5- Developing New Freedom and Openness  

 Total Running Time- 71:23

Price $ 8.88
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