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Removing Inner Weakness To Access Your Inner Pharmacy to Accelerate Healing By Overcoming The Need To Prove Worthiness To Others

Health and wellness begins in the mind with how you feel about yourself. negative self talk, poor self images create a chronic level of stress from feeling unsafe, inferior and disconnected from the joy of being alive. These mindsets interfere with the balance and optimal functioning of your parasympathetic and endocrine systems sending unhealthy prescriptions to your inner pharmacy.  In this recording you will learn special protocols help you to reverse this harm and improve your mental and emotional state and enhance your healing process.
Track 1- Contemplation and Embodiment to Face and Replace Your Negative Self Image and Low Self Esteem  Track 2- Induction Prepartion  Track 3- Overcoming The Need To Prove Your Worthiness To Others and Stand Up Again On Your Own Two Feet! Track 4- Integration and Expression Of Your New Self Image

 Running Time- 39:30 

Price $ 8.88
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By Emma
These protocols transformed me. It helped me uncover the most annoying aspect of my need for approval from others, putting them first and needing to please them. It touched my soul and I feel like a new person ready to live to please me and be self approving! Oh yeah!