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Re-constructing Your Family System To Enhance White and Red Cell Production and Lymphatic System Functioning

For healing and strength to consistently send send helpful inner pharmacy prescriptions to your body, it is important to examine an issue that is all too common and often unavoidable, the effects in one's life of moving from one location to another to live. This sense of being uprooted can leave deep scars which cause chronic muscular holding and stress which weakens the immune system(white blood cell functioning) and can send unpleasant prescriptions to your inner pharmacy. Many who have moved often or had those close to them move  become convinced their friends and close relationships never last so why bother to get close at all to avoid future pain. This can create severe conflict in the mind as the urge to bond with others and form loving relationships becomes fearful often causing sabotage of existing relationships when they become too close. This special hypnotic induction focuses on helping heal this issue and may create many surprising benefits both in health and relationships. 

Track 1- The Impact of Being Uprooted  Track 2- Facing and Embracing Your Feelings With Embodiment Track 3-Your Shadow Side and It's Influence  Track 4 Induction Preparation   Track 5- Your Inner Journey to "Oz" to Reopen Your Cardiovascular System And Enhance Cellular Balance    Track 6- Training Your Pre-frontal Cortex To Have Courage and Confidence  
Total Running Time-46:37

Price $ 8.88
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