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Reversing Your Depression To Activate Feel Good Neurotransmitters

In this recording you will open the depths of your unconscious mind/body to face,embrace and replace the inner sadness and  and anger that causes depression. Instead you will begin to activate your inner pharmacy to send yourself prescriptions for serotonin, dopamine, GABA and oxytocin that will help you to feel happy again. This is an important step in re-wiring your brain to heal yourself as you integrate the many different strategies to return yourself to living a happy life.

These protocols help you:  in Track 1- Facing Depressions Truth  Track 2- The Underlying Reasons  Track 3- Using Embodiment To Reverse Your Unhappiness  Track 4- Using Vocalization to Release Serotonin, Dopamine, Gaba and Oxytocin  Track 5- Induction Preparation   Track 6- Reversing Your Depression To Feel Good Again Hypnotic Induction   Track 7- Recreating A New Happy You  

CD Running Time- 71:18 

Price $ 8.88
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