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Releasing Chronic Muscular Tensions With Bioenergetics To Restore Circulation, Flexibility and Homeostasis

This recording shares with you the fundamental processes of releasing the repressed chronic holding patterns locked in the body using the techniques developed by Dr. Alexander Lowen in Bioenergetics. Through these Bioenergetic  techniques it will help you reverse the frozen messages in your nervous system that keep muscular armoring in tact that deadens aliveness, reduces oxygen flow and circulation and keeps the sympathetic nervous system on constant alert to predispose you to illness,weakness and feelings of being inadequate. Soon your inner pharmacy opens and you see the underlying beliefs that fed your condition to make deep corrections that realign you to your Higher Self.
Brian guides you through each process as if you were in his office. These tracks include 1-Activation smash and grounding 2-Racket smash  3- Energizing Stomp  4-Twist and Release  5-Get Off My Back 6-Jaw Release 7-Energizing Kicks 8-Pelvic Bounce 9-Grounding 10-Beliefs and Decisions 11-Feeling Meditation

CD running time: 74:45 minutes

Price $ 8.88
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