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Stress Release To Shift the Autonomic Nervous System and Improve Circulation

Reaching inside the unconscious mind body through Bioenergetic exercises helps shift the autonomic nervous system off after it has been chronically on while repressing unacceptable feelings,impulse and residues of trauma. In this CD Brian guides your through using these protocols to reopen and shift your sympathetic nervous system off so your parasympathetic nervous systems healing biochemicals can be turned on 
Track 1- Activation Smash and Grounding   Track 2 -Racket Smash  Track 3- Energizing Stomp  Track 4-Twist and Release Track 5- Get Off My Back  Track 6- Jaw Release  Track 7- Energizing Kick Track 8- Pelvic Bounce  Track 9-  Grounding track 10-Beliefs and decisions Track 11- Feeling Meditation

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