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The Shaping of Our Body, Mind and Inner Pharmacy By Our Parents-Nature and/or Nurture

The shaping of your body and mind by our parents is undeniable. The influence of our environment can also be just as significant. It is not a case of one or the other, nature or nurture, it is a fact that both impact how our mind and DNA gets activated and trained. Our DNA is filled with tenancies and is malleable, not hard wired.   In this recording you will review important considerations to contemplate and look within yourself to be able to recognize many forgotten elements of how you were raised. These are the unconscious influences  on EVERYTHING we do and feel today regardless how how much we may now deny it!  
Our attitudes, language, postures, expressions, reactions, beliefs and actions all send inner pharmacy prescriptions that we experience based on the emotional state we are in at the time. Yet it is only with self awareness of what these are and a willingness to do things different that allow us to improve our existence at every level. Experience these powerful protocols and watch how positive changes occur in how you feel, relate and live.

 Track 1- Awakened By The Sound Of Thunder  Track2- Being and Becoming  Track 3- Needing Parents Approval  Track 4- Anger and Disconnection  Track 5- Uncovering Patterns  Track 6-  Reconnecting  track 7- Letting Go  Track 8- The End Of Your rope  Track 9- Buried Rage  Track 10- Sibling Conflict  Track 11- New Hope

Total Running Time- 76:34

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