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Leading Mental Health Experts Share Why Psychiatric Medications Can Be Hazardous To Your Health With

In this CD Brian Sheen interviews the foremost authorities on the effects of ADHD and anti-depreaasnat medications in the country, Dr. David Cohen and Dr.William Glasser both prominent researchers and authors in their fields who share their decades of experience of working with psychotropic medications and the danger of their side effects. Even better is they share what they have found to effectively work to handle these symptoms without medications. These  fully aligns with the 7 Key Prescriptions For Accessing Your Inner Pharmacy for Attention Development and Emotional Wellness Program that  Brian Sheen has  developed and functions online at  CD Running Time- 78:59
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Life Changing
By Steven
I've hated taking medication since I started it 15 years ago. I hated it more when my kids school said I must put my 9 year old son on the same medications I was taking. No doctor ever suggested any alternative and I felt helpless to do anything about it. Yes,the medications helped me focus better at work, no doubt. But it also took away my appetite for food and sex. I also find it hard to sleep. My son no longer sleeps well either. This recording gave me hope and a new direction. I am determined to become medication free. For my son to. I'm going to order Dr Sheens entire series and give it a shot as I feel I have nothing to lose and so much to gain. I'll write a review on that when I am done.