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Unhooking the Mind, Endocrine and Nervous System From Chronic Stress Of the Past

All thinking, perception, decisions and thereby actions are dictated from your past memories, decisions and intentions. Your body, mind and emotions have been shaped by what happened before to either avoid any pain from re-occurring or attempting to repeat  the pleasure which has occurred. This colors imagination, likes and dislikes, attitudes and every relationship you have. Yet until your relate to life from the present your emotional state and therefore your inner pharmacy responds how things were back "then" not as they are today. This usually means imbalance, doubt, confusion and reduced efficiency of your endocrine and nervous system as you are locked in to a "thermostat" of another time, place and need!

In this recording Brian shares with you one of his most poplular protocols of helping people become present to recreate their lives and become unstuck from the past stories, decisions and beliefs.
Track 1- Your Mythology  Track 2-Embracing  Your Story  Track 3- Unhooking Your Mind and Nervous System From The Chronic Stress Of The Past  Track 4- Re-scripting Your Life  Track 5- Learning Freedom through Detachment CD Running Time  63:47

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