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Using Forgiveness For Healing To Remove Unhealthy Molecules of Emotion

Any residue of past conflicts, grievances and hurt freezes your emotional system as if it was still locked in the struggle and suffering of the past. Each cell hold these memories as vibrational energy in each cells receptor and becomes activated when present situations activate the stored uncirculated energies from these negative events. This is the process of signaling your inner pharmacy as to what bio-chemical it will direct to be released into your system. In this recording you will experience a special protocol for dissolving old stagnant energies to replace them with empowering new ones that allow your molecules of emotion to activate positive resources in your inner pharmacy. 

Track 1- Forgiveness and healing Resource Journal  Track 2-Returning Balance-Protective Shields and Healing Circles  Track 3- A Deep Forgiveness Inner Altered State Journey  Track 4 Co-Creating Your Future

Total Running Time 67:34

Price $ 8.88
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