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Why Psychiatric Medications Can Be Hazardous To Your Health:An Interview With Dr Peter Breggin and A 25 year Medication Addict Who Became Medication Free

In this recording Brian Sheen interviews the foremost authority on the effects of ADHD and anti-depreaasnat medications in the country, Dr. Peter Breggin. Dr. Breggin has been one of the great inspirations for Brian to be actively exposing the manipulative means of turning our population into a pill popping looking for a quick fix society.  In this recording  he shares what he  has found to effectively work to handle these symptoms without medications all of which fully aligns with the 7 Keys For Attention Development Program that Brian Sheen has now developed and functions online. Addtionaly there is a special interview with a client named Dan who was placed on a wide array of psychotropic medications for over 25 years and with Brian's guidance and his dedication became 100 % medication free to then thrive in his life.  Running Time approx 58:59

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