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Rebuilding Your Foundation of Self Existence to Strengthen Your Immune System

The initial stage of our existence that begins in being born, leaves deep imprints upon our unconscious mind body that is the core of the character structure that becomes our personality. Too often this initial stage is filled with fear and conflict as the family you are being born into is caught in turmoil, distress and great uncertainty. Unhealed issues from the parents also get triggered and the entanglements of their ancestors emerge to cause confusion and conflict even while the excitement and joy of the new born is celebrated. The split mind experiences yet another split it how to divide attention amongst the many responsibilities that are now present. In this recording Brian shares the insight and path to freedom to re-educate and transform any deficiencies form your birth experience to help you realign your mind to a stronger level of support and containment that strengthens you right to exist and function. Brian takes you on a deep inner journey to your birth to help you make some important inner shifts.

Running Time 71:30

Price $ 8.88
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