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Overcoming Depression with Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Overcoming Depression with Complementary and Alternative Medicine  examines how depression comes  from a lifetime of emotional imbalances and traumas that have buried themselves in the mind/body and created interference in the endocrine, immune and cardiovascular systems. This research report details the experience of different individuals  who used the authors  Quantum Embodiment that allowed them to face,embrace and replace their old stories and pain to return to feeling good and happily moving forward with their life without medications.
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By Carl
As I read the case studies of Dr Sheen clients,I felt he was talking about me. My history was incredibly similar. This means there is hope i can get off my anti-depressants which I hate but have been too frightened to stop for the past 12 years! I saw some audio protocols Dr Sheen offers to begin the healing process and pray at long last I'll find my answers to feel happy again.