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Overcoming Anxiety and Depression

Overcoming Anxiety and Depression  are derived from a lifetime of emotional imbalances and traumas that have buried themselves in the mind/body and created interference in the nervous, endocrine, immune and cardiovascular systems. This research report details the expeirnce of different people who used the Quantum Embodiment approach developed by the author that allowed them to return healthy functioning to be medication free and feel calm, present and happily moving forward in their life.

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By Madelyn
I found this really helpful and revealing as to why I have been caught in depression for so many years. I now understand the way out and intend to download many of Dr Sheen's recordings to guide me in this process.

By Chrissy
Reading this brought me hope. I haven;t had much in years. Now the tough part will be doing the inner work I know i must do. I hope experiencing his online program of the 7 Keys will do the trick