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Thyroid and Your Biography

Thyroid and Your Biography examines how both hyper and hypo thyroid imbalances are derived from a lifetime of emotional imbalances and traumas that have buried themselves in the mind/body and created interference in the endocrine, immune and cardiovascular systems. This research report details the experience of different women who used the Quantum Embodiment approach developed by the author that allowed them to return healthy functioning to their thyroid and be able to stop taking thyroid medications. This work was inspired by the Richard Shames MD and Karilee Halo Shames, R.N.,Ph.D.

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By Winnie
What he wrote about was me through and through. I saw myself in the cases he shares and have made arrangements to meet with him and work directly on my issues. I've come to realize I have nothing to lose for even if my thyroid only improved a little, my life and relationships would improve a lot. Win-win!

Low Thyroid
By Gennifer
Until reading this I had given up hope of finding a non medication way to reverse my low thyroid symptoms. I heard about TMS and how it was emotionally based causing imbalance,ischemia and inflammation but this case study really opened my eyes and I knew what my true healing journey needed to be. I feel better just knowing this. I really related to the cases he shares.