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Accessing Your Inner Pharmacy:For Living A Focused and Happy Life Without Drugs

Understanding how your brain works and learning how to train it to provide you the biochemicals necessary to feel focused, on task and in control determines the qulity of the life you live. What you give attention to gives it life in your mind and therefore in your body. Each moment the emotional quality of your thoughts causes an instantaneous process that sends a prescription to your inner pharmacy. Your perception of a situation will either send you bio-chemicals that have you feel safe and relaxed or bio-chemical prescriptions to be ready to fight, take flight or freeze. Your thoughts direct your words and actions to express the emotion of your perception. Every moment your body’s inner pharmacy receives a prescription of what bio-chemicals are needed. Each cell responds to your emotional tone and directs the decisions you make This is the interactive process of the mind/body connection. When you perceive conflict or have resistance to what is happening, your sympathetic nervous system is ignited. This increases cortisol and adrenaline levels, shuts down your immune system. This also creates cardio-vascular constriction to increase your heart rate and raise your blood pressure. This causes you to feel distracted, anxious and depressed. Yet If you perceive safety, support or pleasure, a prescription for serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin is filled. This response causes respiration to deepen, your immune system to function fully helps you to feel focused, happy and calm. Every second your mind/body processes trillions of pieces of information per second to shift from one state to another according to your thoughts, emotions, actions ,words and postures. Slump your shoulders, think you’re not good enough and sit around doing nothing meaningful ,writes one type of prescription. Stand tall and confident, while moving forward to reach your goals and you write a different inner pharmacy prescription.  What inner pharmacy prescriptions messages are you sending yourself right now? My goal is to help you gain mastery in your life to always be empowered in how think, feel, focus and relate. Would that be of value to you?
This is a special training program  developed over decades of research and development that can show readers how to train their brains for emotional wellness and empowerment. Thousands of people worldwide have used this successfully to improve their life. Is that what you want? Are you ready to commit yourself to enhance your life,improve your health, feel happier and in control of your life? If your answer is yes,click on link now and order this book and get started! Your greatest dreams are waiting for you to happen!This order will go through Amazon
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