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Journey to the Higher Self

Journey to the Higher Self is a book that helps readers to recognize the new challenges that lay before them on this unfamiliar path. This book leads readers gently by the hand step by step over the pitfalls, around the obstacles and thorough the darkened passageways before them and lead them up the mountain to find deep satisfaction within, and happiness throughout their lives. This journey is delineated in an easy to follow sequence of actions that allows the reader to make the climb to their destination both enjoyable and worthwhile. Starting at ground zero, the author gently leads the reader step by step to the peak of Mount Happiness while exploring the many wonders along the passageways. A wide variety of proven and workable techniques to overcome various detours and pitfalls help prevent the reader from getting lost. Journey to the Higher Self is truly a journey back home - to that deeper inner knowing of spirit that connects man to the cosmos to recognize his relationship with God in whatever way he believes. It is a spiritual path without dogma; a journey into the depths of your heart to know the True Self and rediscover the very roots of Higher Consciousness and lasting bliss which is there waiting.

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