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When Life Becomes Overwhelming:Why It Happens and 8 Steps To Overcome It

This recording shares  Brian's biggest challenge as he learned why does life become overwhelming, over stressful, over worrisome and what are the steps to overcome. Like most,  Brian spent the first part of his life looking for success in the world thinking it would make him happy. He worked hard to find a job that made him millions, a house and car that fit this image of success and married a beautiful women who was aligned to his goals. He partied hard, traveled the world, had a best selling book and won  competitions with the National Jaycees for outstanding work and achievement in my community. All of this made his wife, mother and grandmother very proud and fed his ego everything it wanted. Yet despite all this "success" he had little to no inner peace or sustainable happiness as he was always looking to get more, more, more as it was never enough when compared to the images of goals he had fixated in his mind.
Yes, he had amazing pleasures from raising his family, traveling, buying the best of everything and showing off my specialness.  Yet it was a treadmill to oblivion as he was never able to let down and relax. He was  entangled and obsessed in the great human race for the gold! Unfortunately the gold or piles of money didn't share love with him nor allowed him to sit still and get in touch with his inner beingness that connected him to his Higher Self,which he had forgotten about.HeI allowed outside events and others opinion of him become his guide which only cared about temporary sensual gratifications and fleeting satisfaction,instead of a deep inner core of well being and unity awareness.
He shares how he can still recall that day things changed. He had realized there had to be another way. He admitted that what he really wanted was peace and joy within, regardless of the trappings of materialistic trappings I was domesticated to believe would be my salvation. So after a major crash and burn,  he had set myself up to force himself to reevaluate all his values, goals and rules for living, living in peace became his life's journey. He was determined to find another way to live where he could be peaceful and happy? Can you relate to this?
This is why he does what he does now. Every day he feels peace and love to share the knowledge and tools he learned inhisy classes, books,recordings and private sessions.His work has become an expression of his love to help people master their inner pharmacy to always feel good, focused and happy while connecting to their Creator in a meaningful way.

Perhaps this resonates with you and this recording  can be of help in someway to help you rethink and realign your life to greater peace,joy and wellness. Yet whatever the outcome is, he hopes these words are absorbed deep within and one day lead you to know, the greatest wealth in life is the peace and love you feel within and the connection you feel to your Source.

Understanding these insights helps make deep inner shifts in how you live, feel and relate to begin to send healthy prescriptions to your inner pharmacy. This is a great companion to the book When Life Becomes Overwhelming and helps impress the books key points upon the listener.
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