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Pure Free, Forever- Songs That Help You Experience Calming and Blissful Inner Pharmacy Prescriptions to Inspire Self Realization

Pure Free and Forever:Music From The Source Through Brian Sheen shares the wide spectrum of musical inspiration he has experienced over the past 40 years. It includes music produced with David Bowie keyboardist Mike Garson, vocalist Krishna Rose, amazing musician friends from India Alan Wade,Tilly Littledale and many others. Each song embodies the love,wisdom and knowledge he has been so blessed to receive from so many throughout his worldwide travels that has continually demonstrated the ability to help people access blissful and uplifting inner pharmacy prescriptions

Track 1-All That I am 2-Angel of Love 3-Aanand 4-Love is All We Have 5-Ocean Voyage 6 Sunday Morning Prayer 7-Everlasting 8-Coloring Dreams 9-Gurdev 10-Amaram Hum Call and Response Chant 11- Through Time  CD Running Time 79:37

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By Caroline
I enjoyed many of the songs and the lyrics were lovely. I'm not a big chanting fan but I did try once to do the call and response. My fav was Ocean Voyage and All That I am and very meditative.

By Thomas
Loved it. Inspired me! I found myself singing along with him!

Beautiful and Uplifting
By Rachel
I was surprised how much I enjoyed Brian's music. He really shared some deep spiritual experiences that lifted me higher and higher the more i listened. I loved the kirtan call and response chant but was blown away by his creative piano playing in Ocean Voyage