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Trance State Directed Therapy for Growth, Self Improvement and Healing

61 Ericksonian Styled Hypnotherapy Scripts

A catalog of sixty one of the hypnotherapeutic inductions Brian has developed over the past twenty years to help his client’s address the many types of issues clients have presented to him.  Milton Erickson was his most important model in learning how to develop metaphors with a deeply penetrating language that helps clients do powerful derivational searches to make deep inner shifts to feel more empowered,peaceful and healthy. These inductions cover issues from a spiritual oriented basis as knowing the True Self and awakening to Self Knowledge is an underlying intention in most all inductions. 

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Safe Place Induction

Chapter 2

You are More Than Your Past

Chapter 3

Having to prove oneself to others

Chapter 4

When Enough is Enough

Chapter 5

Restoring Self Trust

Chapter 6 

Reframing Depression 

Chapter 7 

Finding the Still Point of Peace 

Chapter 8 

The attachment to and Freedom from Desire

Chapter 9

Cinderella and finding the Magic 

Chapter 10 

Journey to OZ 

Chapter 11 

You are what you think

Chapter 12 

Building Relationships 

Chapter 13 

Overcoming Resistance to Forgiveness 

Chapter 14 

Enhancing our  Sense of Self 

Chapter 15 

Achieving Impulse Release & Forgiveness 

Chapter 16 

Bamboo and the  Growth of Faith 

Chapter 17 

Overcoming Bad Feelings 

Chapter 18 

Core Computations & Overcoming the Need to be Right 

Chapter 19

A Relationship with Christ Dissolving the Special Relationship Belief

Chapter 20 

Healing Father & Son Separation 

Chapter 21 

Developing Response Ability

Chapter 22 

Aligning the Orders of Life Induction

Chapter 23 

Reconstruction/renewal- Getting to underlying Decisions 

Chapter 24 

Healing mother and daughter separation 

Chapter 25 

Overcoming our Problem with Authority 

Chapter 26 

Wish Fulfillment/Dream Interpretation 

Chapter 27 

Healing the Separation Induction 

Chapter 28 

Directing attention and Restructuring senses 

Chapter 29

Expanding awareness of Intention and Decision Induction 

Chapter 30 

Resistance to External Control Induction
Part I: The  "Helen Keller” 

Chapter 31 

Resistance to External Control Induction

Part II : the "Steven Hawkins” Induction 

Chapter 32 

Overcoming the Fear of Loneliness Induction 

Chapter 33 

Restoring Connectedness Induction 

Chapter 34 

Healing your Inner Child Induction 

Chapter 35 

Enhancing your Communication Abilities Induction 

Chapter 36 

Developing Honesty Induction 

Chapter 37 

Establishing power through your Family Constellation Induction 

Chapter 38 

Breaking Poor Habits and Pattern Of Thinking

Chapter 39 

Opening new doors of Perception Induction 

Chapter 40 

It’s time to Feel Good Induction 

Chapter 41 

" Discovering Your Life’s Purpose” Induction 

Chapter 42 

Climbing the Mountain Of Gratitude Induction

Chapter 43 

Basic Regression Induction 

Chapter 44 

Developing Greater Adaptability Induction 

Chapter 45 

An Ocean of Light Healing Induction 

Chapter 46 

Quantum Diet Weight Loss And Fitness 

Chapter 47 

Quantum Diet Induction Re-Enforcement 

Chapter 48 

Smoking Cessation Foundation 

Chapter 49 

Foundation Re-Enforcement Induction for Smoking Cessation 

Chapter 50 

Final Leg of Smoking Cessation Protocol travelling through Habit Shift Induction 

Chapter 51 

Finding meaning of Your Illness Induction 

Chapter 52 

Becoming Sexually Empowered Induction for Habit Change 

Chapter 53 

Sexual Fulfillment – A Follow up Induction for being Sexually Empowered 

Chapter 54 

Expanding Awareness of Intention And Decision

Chapter 55 

Overcoming the Fear of Loneliness Induction 

Chapter 56 

"Finding Meaning of Your Illness” Session II

From Illness To Wholeness – Balancing Polarities 

Chapter 57 

Overcoming the Fear of Death 

Chapter 58 

Stress/Anxiety Relief Induction 

Chapter 59 

Learning How To Do Self-Hypnosis 

Chapter 60 

Opening  your Inner Space Induction

Chapter 61 

Potential Closings for Hypnotic

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