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Introduction To How Your Different Minds Function and What is Needed To Master It

Understanding how the mind functions is essential for learning how to gain mastery over it. Your mind directs your inner pharmacy prescriptions. Like driving a car you must understand how to speed up, slow down and come to a stop. Steering is essential as well as moving within the lanes and follow the rules of the road. Using side and rear view mirrors are essential to avoid accidents although too much focusing on what's behind you causes accidents as you don't see what's up ahead. In this first recording of the Peaceful Living Series the author shares with you the basics of what you will want to know as you use the tools and strategies that develops abilities for living in peace and writing yourself calming and healing inner pharmacy prescriptions.  Running Time 73:58

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By Leslie
I feel a great sense of hope after listening to this. I am committed to changing my life and I know it all is in the way I learn to master my own mind. I really feel I can learn this from Dr Sheen and intend to listen to every one of his recordings!

By Amy
I enjoy Dr Sheen's style as he shares great knowledge so simply! I really get it now and feel inspired to learn more and really improve my life.

By Lilia
I learned a lot and am looking to learn more. I like the way he speaks and makes things easy to understand. I am hopeful the rest of this series will help me find peace.

New Understanding
By Harold
I loved how he expressed the way the different parts of the mind function and what we can do to get it under control to find peace. I will listen to the entire series and can't wait to get rid of the tremendous stress I call my life!