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More Psychoneuroimmunology Based Guided Journeys To Experience Deep Calm and Return Balance to Your Endocrine System

Six more psychoneuroimmunology based entrainments using imagery to activate the body at a cellular level to activate healing properties of the parasympathetic system. Each of these six inner journey's has an original soundtracks to help listeners experience  inner pharmacy prescriptions that help heal and relax the nervous system while returning balance to your endocrine and cardiovascular systems. Brian uses a wide variety of themes to help you reach deep inside to find rich and meaning resources that help you shift your attitude and thinking while opening you up to be more relaxed. Each inner journey helps you return to a greater homeostasis.  This is also great way to naturally produce serotonin, dopamine and other relaxing neurotransmitters while strengthening your immune system. 
CD Running Time 66:52

Price $ 5.99
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