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An Inner Pharmacy Sleeping Prescription Using a Guided Hypnotic Journey

Restful sleep is essential for living in peace and being fully alert and grounded. Peaceful Sleeping is designed to help you go to sleep more easily and stay asleep or go back to sleep if you have woken up. This is a deep inner induction to activate relaxing endorphins in your inner pharmacy that help calm the mind and body. 

CD Running Time-31:16

Price $ 5.99
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A Good Nights Sleep
By Teddy
This has really helped me sleep faster and sounder. I am very pleased with the results.

Sleeping Well At Last
By Alan
I had tried everything to help me sleep with little success. Brian suggested I listen to this recording every might for a week when going to sleep and then once a week for a month. Well I did. Without sleeping pills I know sleep so much easier I forgot how many sleepless nights i used to have!