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Experiencing Miracles Through the Body- Using A Course in Miracles To Master Your Inner Pharmacy Prescriptions Series

For science minded students who are spiritually based and appreciate the parallels between quantum physics, modern science and spirituality, particularly A Course in Miracles, the knowledge Brian shares will be eye opening,thought provoking and inspirational. In this series of 4 CDs,he shares a major breakthrough he had when he addressed the most common denominator  to all human being in their quest for Self Realization. What you will learn provide a new perspective for  healing yourself or helping others in their healing process. he shares how these principles drive the healing and self improvement processes at all levels of existence, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually in what he calls Quantum Embodiment   These recordings include   The Quantum Field of You and Your Inner Pharmacy-The Body/Mind, The Quantum Field of You and Your Inner Pharmacy--The Trees of Life and Levels Of Existence, The Quantum Field of You and Your Inner Pharmacy-The Body IS The Unconscious, The Quantum Field of You and Your Inner Pharmacy-Utilizing A Course in Miracles Forgiveness and Atonement to Heal and Prevent Illness  Mind  Total Time approx 3 hours 45 minutes

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By Sandra
I experienced so many miracles listening to Brian share his insights I feel like a new person. I felt old issues lift from my body as I saw things in a new way and used what I had learned. You are in for a treat especially anyone who has ever read a Course in Miracles before. Eye opening!

By Melissa
These recording filled in the many gaps I had in understanding ACIM and using it in my life. I am very grateful to finally get it!

By Edith
NOW I get it! The body IS the path to healing the mind! Have worked so hard to ignore my body as if its nothing instead of embracing my body realizing it is the projection of my mind and therefore must be embraced and listened to as I believe in it and identify with it. This is a complete turnaround for me and one that feels so much more honest to how I really have always felt!

New Clarity
By Lisa
On a recommendation from a friend I listened to this. As a long time Course in Miracles student I thought I really understood this course. But after listening to these recordings I found an entirely new understanding that blew me away! This has been the missing piece for me to get the results I always wanted. Amazing. How is it possible not even Marianne Williamson has this insightful perspective? WOW!