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Your Inner Pharmacy Prescription For Enhancing Enjoyment and Lowering Stress and Anxiety While Driving

Peaceful Driving helps you shift your experience of driving to become an enjoyable experience everyday and not develop road rage, boredom or anxiety while driving. The specially developed music and mindfulness techniques helps listeners access this inner pharmacy to be calmer and more alert while driving .This adds to the feeling of being connected and present while you have the pleasant adventure of moving from one location to the next in your car. CD Running Time-72:31

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By Jackie
I felt so present and aware, it made my trip soar by. I enjoyed it and will listen regularly now

By Bill
I hate driving. I hate driving on interstate highways. I hate the way I have always felt surrounded my idiots who could kill me or make me late for work. I hated having a friend tell me my rage was hurting me and ruining a major part of my life. BUT as she reminded me I hadn't nothing to lose my listening and much to gain I tried this. Om my god was my resistance so strong I couldn't hear anything he said...Until something happened and I did. Not sure why but all of a sudden I was following Dr Sheens suggestions and forgot about my rage. I started enjoying my driving. So so weird I can't tell you why but I did! And know I look forward to new adventures of driving and going to new places and having new adventures. Crazy isn't it?