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Parenting In Our Brave New World For A Stable, Connected and Focused Family

New World Parenting is a series of 5 CD's sharing a new paradigm of dealing with the parent-child relationships that has been successfully researched and developed working with many stressed  and ADHD dominant families This new approach replaces dominance, external control and emotional badgering with kindness, respect and compassion. Each track is designed to share a bold new approach to being a successful parent that provides an atmosphere to help the families collective inner pharmacy's to send personal prescriptions that enhance peace, happiness and clarity.

In this first CD Brian shared insights and tools for vastly improving the family and educational dynamics. 1- Parents Today 2- Children are the Fruit on Your family Tree 3- A Enlightened perspective of a Sufi Master in Children, Kahlil Gibran 4-Creating Stability 5 Developing Connection and and Providing Healthy Containment 6-New Ways of parenting 7-How Children Learn best 8- A Forty Day Plan for Improvement 9- A Scientific Approach 10-Co-Creating Your Life CD Running Time-66:39

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