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Replacing External Control With Inner Regulation,Trust and Self Esteem To Develop Emotional Intelligence and Wellness

No one likes to feel controlled by another and forced to do things they don't want to do. This creates resistance in all concerned which turns into power struggles, conflict and  upset.  This create ongoing to send unhealthy inner pharmacy prescriptions that cause distraction, unhappiness and disconnection, the opposite of what aids the education process. Yet through awareness of the do's and don't's parents and children can find another way that  write healthy inner pharmacy prescriptions to enhance focus, motivation and self regulation.

Brian shares these tracks 1-From Your Heart 2-Children's Needs Today 3-Verbal and Emotional Tools 4-Using Choice Theory 5-The Seven Deadly habits 6-Responsibility and Exchange 7-Atmosphere and Environment 8-A Personal Code of Behavior 9-The Emotional Body 10-Creating A Safe Connecting Place  CD Running Time 67:57

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