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Learning Responsibility and Exchange To Maintain Relationship Balance and Self Confidence

There is an ongoing imbalance between a parent and child in their ability to contribute to their home and future. Yet it is the finding of a healthy balance of power and responsibility that allows families to thrive and maintain harmony. The greater the sense of being helpful a child has, the more confident their attitude, posture,words and thinking. Experiencing a personal sense of value sends empowering prescriptions to ones inner pharmacy and re-wires the brains synaptic connections to develop greater resources to be focused, in control and able to better retain what is being learned. 

In this CD Brian shares on Track 1- Conditions Of Learning 2- Churchill's View Of Education 3-An Earn and Learn System To Build Confidence and Inner Strength 4- Taking Advantage 5-The teach and learn like your hair is on fire strategy 6-Another Way To Happiness

CD Running Time 57:07

Price $ 5.99
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