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The Quantum Field of You and Your Inner Pharmacy-Utilizing A Course in Miracles Forgiveness and Atonement to Heal and Prevent Illness

One of the most powerful healing systems Brian has discovered over the years is the quantum physics based Course in Miracles. This course integrates many different healing modalities within its vast array of spiritual psychotherapy and mind training that is often only partially understood and applied. A rarely understood truth of A Course in Miracles (ACIM) that sanity is returned through the body and just repeating affirmations or saying you forgive someone may provide a little temporary relief but does not remove the underlying roots of fear,guilt and trauma. This is why this recording is so important to existing students and noises alike,or whether or not they follow this course. The key here is this recording addresses the underpinnings of accelerating in peace and being happy as the integration of this knowledge send empowering inner pharmacy prescriptions to your body/mind.  

Track 1-The key of going prior to your issue to find the underlying cause 2-Using the body as feedback and guidance 3-Merging into your core 4-Why you must hide nothing 5-Experiencing The Holy Instance  6- Understanding Your Role Role in healing

Total Running Time-60:14

Price $ 5.99
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